Other countries' ordinary bicycles

I have a lot of information and pictures about British and American ordinaries, so I gave them their own chapters on this website. I made a chapter about 'other countries' because at the moment I don't have enough pictures of French, German and Dutch bikes to give them their own. Maybe later?  



Falkenberg&Büsing 1887

 Clément ca 1885

 Clement ca. 1886

 Clément childrens model

 Clément 1879
 Seidel & Naumann (1)

 Seidel & Naumann (2)

Wachtler S&N 'Rational'

 Hirondelle ca 1887


 Hoyer. late 1880's

 Gebr. Goldschmidt

 Goldschmidt & Pirzer

 Goldschmidt&Pirzer (2)

 Goldschmidt Union 1892
E. Meyer c. 1884

 Bingham (Netherlands)
 E. Pinson, France
E.Meyer c. 1880

 E. Meyer c. 1874
Peugeot (1)
 Lexzau & Scharbau
 Webster, Haarlem NL
Peugeot (2)
 Brennabor c 1890